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TEAM-CBT Anxiety Masterclass

May 17-18 2024 at the Ashling Hotel, Dublin

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Join us for this two day intensive workshop, the first of its kind in Ireland in which you will learn the exciting new approach to cognitive behavioural therapy developed by a pioneer in the field, Dr David Burns. With a focus on anxiety, you will be taught by highly experienced faculty members from around the world. 

The workshop will take place in the beautiful and welcoming city of Dublin. The venue is located within an easy walk from the town centre.

14 CPD points will be available, as well as automatic eligibility for Level 1 certification in TEAM-CBT with 50% off the registration fee.

CBT techniques have had tremendous impact around the world since the 1970s. Numerous research studies have demonstrated its efficacy. However, you may have noticed that, although it can be very effective, it often falls short.

TEAM-CBT is an evolution of CBT, that can often trigger extremely rapid recovery. If you’d like to learn about the new approach and boost your therapist skills, come to this intensive workshop. In addition, therapists often struggle with the same feelings of anxiety as their clients, so you will also have the chance to work on your own issues, increasing your self-esteem, satisfaction, and personal and professional fulfillment.

Ticket Prices

Early Bird - €210 (before 5th April)

Regular price - €240

You will learn

How to track therapeutic progress quickly and accurately at every session.
World-class empathy skills that will help create strong therapeutic relationships.
How to bring unconscious resistance to conscious awareness and melt it away rapidly at the start of treatment.
Powerful techniques such as the externalisation of voices, paradoxical double standard, feared fantasy and the downward arrow.