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The Faculty

Leigh Harrington
Dr Leigh Harrington is a physician, psychiatrist, trainer and coach with extensive TEAM CBT Therapy Training and Teaching Experience.  She trained with Dr. David Burns when he was developing TEAM CBT at Stanford and has led training groups for therapists to integrate and master these tools for years and with students from all over the world. Leigh is a founding member of the Feeling Good Institute, a faculty member at All Things CBT, and leads the training and coaching program TEAM Therapy Training.

Elizabeth Dandenell
Elizabeth is a Level 4 TEAM trainer and therapist. She runs a group practice, East Bay Center for Anxiety Relief, in Alameda, California. She has served on the Feeling Good Institute Diversity Committee and collaborated in developing training on integrating a diversity mindset into the TEAM CBT. Elizabeth has presented and taught TEAM CBT at various mental health agencies in Northern California, presented and coordinated the small group leaders in Bristol, England, 2023, and is a faculty member of All Things CBT. Currently, she is working
with the City of Alameda on a mental health resiliency project, integrating the TEAM model on a community level.


Andy Persson
Andy is a Level 3 certified TEAM therapist based in Bristol, using TEAM-CBT with people in the
outdoors. He has a private practice, walking and talking with clients on the Downs, as well as an
online practice working with people around the world. He helps lead the development of TEAM-
CBT in the UK and has run training groups for therapists new to TEAM. He was on the teaching
faculty for the Intensives in Warsaw. Bristol and Mexico City..

Tania Ahern
Tania trained as a CBT practitioner 13 years ago while working as a GP in Sussex. She is
BABCP accredited and now works in Bristol with a special interest in working with people with
insomnia. She uses CBT-I within NHS and private settings and has been effectively
incorporating TEAM-CBT into her work. She is a Level 3 TEAM therapist and presented at the
TEAM-CBT UK masterclass in Bristol.

Sean Connolly
Sean  is an Approved Social Worker working within primary care mental health
services in the NHS in Northern Ireland. He has extensive experience working with mental
health service users in both statutory and voluntary sectors. He is a trained counsellor and
EMDR practitioner and lecturer in counselling. Sean is one of original members of Team CBT
UK and Rhonda Barovskys (Dr Burns podcast host) global group on Team CBT and has
extensive training in Team CBT.