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The Faculty

David Burns
Dr David Burns is the creator of TEAM-CBT and a pioneer in the field of cognitive behavioural therapy. He was a student of Aaron Beck, the founder of CBT, and has written a number of books including Feeling GOOD, which has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. He is the adjunct emeritus professor at Stanford School of Medicine. He will be joining us virtually from California.

Heather Clague
Dr Heather Clague is a psychiatrist and level 5 certified TEAM therapist and trainer with a private practice in Oakland, California.  Heather has taught in the US and in Mexico, India, and Poland, and is a sought-after presenter to teach the Five Secrets of Effective Communication in medical settings. She co-leads the Feeling Great Book Club, the TEAM-ACT workgroup, and a TEAM case consultation group. 

Stirling Moorey
Dr Stirling Moorey is a CBT therapist, trainer and supervisor and retired recently as the Professional Head of Psychotherapy at the South London and Mausdley NHS Trust. His main research interest has been CBT as applied to cancer and physical illness and with Steven Greer he co-authored the book Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for People with Cancer. He is currently the President Elect of the BABCP.  

Mike Christensen
Mike Christensen is a trainer at the Feeling Good Institute in Mountain View California and the Director of Feeling Good Institute, Canada. He provides online TEAM training for therapists around the world and is currently co-authoring a book with Dr. Maor Katz on the Deliberate Practice of TEAM-CBT.


Leigh Harrington
Leigh Harrington has a clinical practice in Davis, California. She has been Chief Resident at Stanford University’s Department of Psychiatry and a faculty member at the UC Davis Department of Psychiatry. Leigh is a founding member of the Feeling Good Institute, a faculty member at All Things CBT, and leads the training and coaching program TEAM Therapy Training.

Dipti Joshi
Dipti Joshi is in clinical practice in Ahmedabad, India. She is India’s first TEAM-CBT trainer and a member of the Indian Association for Clinical Psychologists and the American Psychological Association. She is the founder of Feeling Good India and runs a year-long online comprehensive TEAM training


Mariusz Wirga
Mariusz is a physician, psychiatrist, [sycho-oncologist, as well as a cognitive behavioural therapist and trainer. He serves as medical director of Psychosocial Oncology at MemorialCare Todd Cancer Institute and the chair of the Psychiatry Department at Long Beach Medical Center. He is a promoter of TEAM-CBT internationally and is a co-author of the upcoming book ‘ABC of your emotions’. His mentors have included David Burns, Albert Ellis and Maxie Maultsby Jr. 


Andy Persson
Andy is a Level 3 certified TEAM therapist based in Bristol, using TEAM-CBT with people in the outdoors. He has a private practice, walking and talking with clients on the Downs, as well as an online practice working with people around the world. He helps lead the development of TEAM-CBT in the UK and has run training groups for therapists new to TEAM. He was on the teaching faculty for the European Intensives in Warsaw in 2022 and 2023.

Tania Ahern
Tania trained as a CBT practitioner 12 years ago while working as a GP in Sussex. She is BABCP accredited and now works in Bristol with a special interest in working with people with insomnia. She uses CBT-I within NHS and private settings and has been effectively incorporating TEAM-CBT into her work. 


Derek Reilly
Derek is a BABCP accredited CBT psychotherapist. He has 19 years of experience and specialised in the treatment of chronic pain. He is also qualified in EDMR and has extensive experience treating depression and a variety of anxiety disorders. He has been practising the structure and principles of TEAM-CBT in his work for 6 years and is currently a Level 3 certified TEAM-CBT practitioner. 

Greg Armstrong
Greg has been a personal trainer at the Scottish Government for 20 years. He uses TEAM-CBT to help his clients to lose up to 11.5 stone and to transform their health and fitness – but without fad diets, crazy exercise programmes or asking them to deprive themselves of foods they enjoy.

Peter Spurrier
Peter Spurrier is the founder of “Feeling Good UK”. He is a BABCP accredited CBT practitioner and an EMCC accredited coach. Having been a General Medical Practitioner and trainer, he continues to coach, mentor and provide TEAM-CBT especially for clinicians and other health care workers.